Easily Entertained

We decided to go to Orlando for the night and do some touristy stuff with the kiddos since my husband and I had the time off together. I booked a room at The Drury Inn.   This is my favorite hotel in Orlando!   Over the years we have stayed at a lot of hotels in Orlando,  but after we stayed here once we decided we would stick with The Drury from now on.   Not only does this place have awesome service,  clean spacious rooms, free hot breakfast, but they also have what they call a kickback. The kickback is dinner with a few free drinks for the adults.  This is awesome,  right?  They also have (as if they don’t give you enough) free soft drinks and popcorn from 3pm-10pm.  We now get suites when we can (when the price is reasonable) so our older son has some space of his own at night (he actually does not mind sleeping on a foldout couch).  We haven’t done anything other than have dinner,  swim in the pool and our 3 year old already thinks we are on an adventure.  If only our teenager was so easily entertained. -Snack Lady

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