Wonderworks & Comedy/Magic Show

Yesterday afternoon and evening we took the kiddos to WonderWorks and the Comedy Magic show at the same location in Orlando.  The tickets were included in the Go City Card(allows you to pick the attractions you want to go to at a discount) that I had purchased.   WonderWorks also offers a package deal for admission and the Comedy show. 

WonderWorks was pretty cool with 3 floors of interactive exibits and entertainment.  Included with admission is a laser tag game, ropes course,  and 4d ride. The pictures that I took are not great.   Between darker lighting and so much movement it was hard to get decent pictures. Our kids loved it (boys 3yrs and 15yrs) and we enjoyed it also. There are so many things to do and see there that it is good for all ages. 

The comedy show includes all you can eat salad and pizza with free soft drinks, wine,  and beer. I personally was not impressed with the food or the show (maybe I needed to have some wine-lol), my husband said it was okay (he did have 3 beers though😉), but our kids (and it looked like most kids there) thought that it was great.   We would go back to WonderWorks,  but not the comedy show. -Snack Lady

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