Blue Isn’t Too Bad… 

This evening I was painting my nails.   This is not a common occurrence anymore for me.   I have a decent sized plastic container with a wide assortment of polishes,  files,  nail decals,  and other manicure supplies.   However since I had my youngest son I rarely bother to paint my nails.   Usually I only paint my nails on the occasions when my parents ask to keep my kids overnight or for a weekend.   At some point I get so bored without them that I decide to watch a girly movie and do my nails.   Tonight was a rare occasion that my little guy was next to me for this.   He decided that he wanted polish also.   After a while I relented and painted his thumb nail blue.   Blue happens to be his favorite color so he thought it was pretty cool.   I think people would just think with a quick glance that he hurt his finger, so it probably was not a good idea.   I will remove the color tomorrow so no one thinks my son has been smashing his finger tip to the point that his nail is about to fall off-lol   -Snack Lady

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