Note To Self, Don’t Give A Cowbell To A 3 Year Old…

Since I was not working today I thought it would be a great day to get a lot of cleaning done.  Because I was going around room to room I thought that I had great idea when my 3 year old son needed to use the bathroom. 

Not to give too much detail, but we have a little table with a small amount of Lego’s and books for him to use when he will be in there for a while.   I was worried that I would not hear him tell me when he was done.   The moms out there know the “MOM,  WIPE MY BUTT” beckoning call”  Today I gave him my cowbell that I got at a baseball game and told him to ring it when he was done.

I guess I had not anticipated that the bell would be ringing every 1-2 minutes.   Not because he was done, but because each time he had dropped a Lego and wanted me to get it for him. Don’t get me wrong,  it didn’t make me mad.   I had to laugh.  He thought it was amusing to ring a bell and I appear.  Needless to say,  I don’t think I will offer him the bell again,  I will just stay close to the bathroom like usual. -Snack Lady 

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