A Vacation Doesn’t Have To Be Unique, Right?  

My husband and I will have a few days off of work together next month so we are taking another vacation in September.  We contemplated Alabama (because we have never been to that state), north Georgia (because we just really like the area), or just going to Orlando (because it is just a couple hours away).

I asked my husband to choose and he chose Orlando because of the small driving time leaving more relaxing time.   I would have chosen Georgia because our youngest (Elijah) has never been and I know he would enjoy it.  Our oldest, Aiden, is pretty much up for anything as long as at some point he will get to stare at his tablet(he is a teenager after all). 

I cannot guess how many times we have been to Orlando for various reasons.  So many people travel across the country and even the world to go to the theme parks there.   We have, of course, been to Disney World and Universal many times.   As a Florida resident the spring is the best time for Disney because they offer a great deal for residents then.   Universal’s deals for Florida residents seem to change,  but they are pretty good. We will not be going to either of these parks.  Instead we are going to a few other local attractions.  In the way of least crowdedness I prefer Busch Gardens (we have annual passes) in Tampa anyway.  

Even though it is not terribly exciting or unique,  I am still looking forward to it.   Who doesn’t like vacations, right? -Snack Lady

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