Honeymoon Island Beach To Cool Down

One benefit of living close to the ocean is that it is very easy to visit beaches.   I worked until early afternoon today and my husband had the day off.   After running a couple of errands we decided we should go to a beach.  We picked Honeymoon Island Beach for today. 

This beach is not as good as my favorite Florida beach (Bradenton Beach), but it is nice.   This beach has white sugar sand and the water is very clear.   You can walk out very far and still touch the bottom(and I am only 5’2″).   There are actually 3 beaches on this little island, but I prefer the main one. 

My husband was pretty eager to get in the water.   Since I didn’t mind he went out without me so that I could take some pictures first. 

I then noticed that I have very dramatic tan lines from my sandals.  Maybe I should change up what shoes I wear… or maybe not. 

In my opinion the Honeymoon Island beaches are just right.   There are light waves, you can walk out a good distance,  the sand is soft,  and best of all the water is very clear. 

We went there about 6pm because we wanted to cool down,relax, and enjoy the sunset. The beautiful sunsets available to us all everywhere are often taken for granted.  Sometimes it is nice to just slow down and take the time to enjoy them. 

We did not have the kiddos with us tonight since my parents borrowed our youngest for the night and our teenager wanted to spend the last bit of time before school starts on Monday staring at a TV screen.  Normally we would have forced him to come and he would have ended up enjoying it.  This time we decided it would be a date night at the beach for us.   I felt a little guilty about not having the kids with us,  but we brought them back shells. 

Our youngest will be entertained with them for a little while and then I will have to find some use for them. -Snack Lady

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