Feeling Bad Helps Us To Appreciate Feeling Good. 

I don’t get sick often, which is great!   I was sick much more often when I was younger.   For the past couple of days I have had some sort of stomach bug with a headache.  Nothing serious,  but I am a baby about being nauseous.  My husband is the stereotypical male baby when it comes to a cold.  Since he admits it, I don’t think he would mind me saying it.  I am the kind of person that if at all possible I will do whatever I can to lessen nausea.   

So now that I feel all better,  it is almost like feeling better than usual.   I,like many people, take for granted being healthy for the most part.  So after being sick (the longer the time period, the more dramatic the feeling) you appreciate that you do not have to feel sick everyday.  I realize no matter how sick I get with a virus, when my gallbladder decided it didn’t want to work anymore, or the lows of being diabetic, it could always be worse. Not that I just realized that.   Anytime I am feeling sick or hurting I remind myself that it could always be worse.  It won’t make me feel better, but I never sit around in a “woe is me” mood because of this. 

I felt so much better that after work today that instead of impersonating a sloth, I started looking at hotels for our little vacation next month.   I always write reviews for hotels that I stay at,  and I appreciate other people’s reviews.  However I am a pretty indecisive person when it comes to hotels.   I have specific requirements in a hotel.  I usually am looking for good cleanliness reviews, free parking, free Wi-Fi, and with 2 boys 12 years apart,a sleeping arrangement that will work without complaint.  Then there are so many things to consider such as any extras that are offered that make the hotel more appealing.

In Orlando we really like the Drury Inn,  but this time we will try a different  hotel and we might also go to St. Augustine for a night. So many choices,  maybe I need a spreadsheet-LOL.   -Snack Lady 

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