BBQ & Beach… Not A Bad Day. 

Today was a pretty good day!   My husband had the day off so after I was done with work we made a lot of food.   We almost always do that when grilling.  We all enjoy the leftover food for lunches. 

Then we decided to take the kids to a beach. Of course our teenager did not want to go but as usual enjoyed himself once there.   Our little boy loves the water so he had a blast.

This is not a great picture, but not everyone can look good after swimming-lol. The important thing is good family time. There were very few people at Honeymoon Island Beach  tonight.   This suits me just fine since then I don’t worry as much about people messing with our stuff. 

We stayed for the sunset which is always better in person, rather than picture.

It was a simple,  but nice day! -Snack Lady

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