The Story of Zeus The Cat. 

Zeus is an approximately 8 year old large tabby cat. 

About 6 years ago I was watching a lot of the Houston Animal Cops shows.  I decided, and my husband agreed, that we should go to the shelter and get a cat.

Unlike many people I had it in my head that I did not want a kitten. Yes, kittens are adorable.  I figured that it would be easier for a kitten to be adopted so a grown cat would be more in need of a home. 

When we walked into the cat room Zeus, who was one of the largest cats started pacing and pawing like he was kneading the ground. We took him to the room so we could see if he would like us.   He then took turns head butting us to get us to pet him.   He had a reduced adoption fee because he had been there for several months. He had just recently been fixed and he still had a larger head and neck.  It has gotten a little smaller over time though he still weighs 12lb

Our first impression was correct, he is just a big old loving cat.  That loved to be petted and have his belly and head rubbed. 

He is not a stereotypical cat that wants to be left alone.   Zeus likes to be with me and follows me around the house.   When it rains he is practically attached to me.   He is not a special breed, but he is our awesome loving kitty. -Snack Lady

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