Taters The Squirrel 

I was wasting a little time before a store opened this morning and so my little one and I went to Sonic.   My intention was to just get drinks, but since they had 50 cents corn dogs I gave my son the option of trying one. Maybe to some people being 3 and never having a corn dog is odd, but this was his first one. 

After we ordered we sat down to wait for our food.   About a minute after sitting down a squirrel jumped up on the seat next to me. 

This squirrel obviously does not fear people because they feed him.   Generally I am against feeding wildlife because then they depend on people and no longer fend for themselves.  Oh, and I can’t imagine fast food being good for them.  Once our food came the lady told us they named the squirrel Tater.   

I guess the corn dog was not a hit with my son since he decided it was better after taking off the breading.   After he finished the squirrel was still sitting there patiently waiting hoping for food so I relented and let my son toss him a piece of his breading.

My son thought it was amazing since he had never encountered a squirrel that would get so close to a person before. He was pretty cute. -Snack Lady

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