Air Conditioning Is A Must  In Florida 

Last night our air conditioning stopped cooling.  I thought it was not cooling as well as it should for a few days earlier.  The air conditioner we had was 18 years old and in Florida that is kind impressive.

Today as the new air conditioner was being installed I truly realized how much I take it for granted.  I had opened the windows but there was no breeze all day.  My husband was happy to go to work to cool down.  Luckily our oldest was at school and my parents had taken my youngest to spend the night so I did not need to worry about them overheating.

When the new thermostat was set up early evening the temperature was 94 degrees and it had been even warmer earlier in the day.   I guess I am just spoiled because I don’t think that I could live in Florida without air conditioning.

Tonight I will sleep great thanks to the awesome guys working at One Hour Air.   -Snack Lady

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