Everything Is Breaking, Oh My… 

A few days ago my air conditioner stopped working.   We were very lucky to have another one installed the next day.

Then our microwave called it quits yesterday.  Of course we don’t need a microwave, but it sure makes heating up things easier.   We went and bought a new one this afternoon.  We had ours for so long I had no idea how much microwaves cost and the huge variety of sizes and features.   I did not even know that some microwaves can brown/grill food. 

Today the diverter valve for one of our showers went kaput.  We have 2 bathrooms so again it is not the end of the world.   However I don’t really want to use the bathroom that my teenage son has claimed.  This is not a difficult thing to fix and once I bought the part my husband had it fixed within 15-20 minutes (he thinks it makes him look bad if he does not do the fixing for me-lol).

I sure hope nothing else breaks or we might need to cancel our vacation. -Snack Lady 

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