A Little Fun In Florida Before The Hurricane Hits. 

Today, for our first day in Orlando, we went to Bass Pro Shops.  My husband loves this store and our kids love the giant fish tank.   My husband was given some money for his birthday and wanted to get a couple things. 

Since it was raining, and we wanted an indoor activity, when we left we took the kids to Chocolate Kingdom factory.  We took the tour.   It was fun and our kids as well as everyone else in our group really seemed to like it (especially the various chocolate samples).  The presenter, Alan, was funny and very personable.

At the end of the tour, there is an option to have a huge candy bar made.   A choice of milk, dark, or white chocolate is made.   Then up to 3 flavors can be added.   Our oldest son chose marshmallows and resse cup pieces in milk chocolate.  Our youngest chose mint, cocoa nibs,  and m&m pieces in dark chocolate.  They also have a variety of chocolates made in small batches onsite for sale.


After that we went to the largest McDonald’s in the world.   I would not normally consider McDonald’s anything special, but this one is different.  The food is the same with the exception of the addition of pizza and pasta dishes.

On the second floor there is a children’s play/climbing area.  My little one absolutely loved this.   It is quite a large area that even has a few slides built into it. 

Also upstairs is an arcade area.   Both boys thought this part was pretty awesome!  Like most arcades you win tickets and amazingly they had won enough tickets in the approximately 30 minutes of playing to pick a prize.   The chose together to get a giant slinky.   

I never thought I would be asking my kids after leaving a McDonald’s “Did you two have fun?”.  They did have fun and it was worth checking it out. 

After Elijah took a nap and we had dinner we spent some time in the pool and hot tub at our hotel.  It was a nice day and as relaxing as can be knowing a hurricane is coming. -Snack Lady

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