There Is More To Orlando Than Just Disney World. 

Yesterday we thought we would need to do indoor activities all days since hurricane Irma is coming.  However we were lucky that it was sunny almost all day. 

We started the day off in Disney Springs.   This is a free huge boardwalk type area.  Most of it is shopping and restaurants.  If you have ever experienced Universal’s city walk,  it is kind of like that.   It is just geared more toward kids and families.   You also do not have to pay for parking,  which is always nice. 

It is possible to meander through Disney Springs and not spend any money.   We managed to leave having only purchased a big drink and letting our little one flatten a penny in the machine.   It’s a shocking time when your child actually wants the cheapest souvenir possible.

The highlight for our kids is the Lego store.   They have an outdoor and indoor play area where kids can play with Lego’s for free.   The one outside even has a racetrack so kids can race the Lego cars they build.   Of course you can add lap purchase legos there as well.   They have everything from individual pieces up to a very large Mililium Falcon set for $800. 

At both ends of the area there are boats that will take you back to the other end.   This is awesome if you are hot, tired, or you just want to enjoy a short boat ride. 

After Disney Springs and lunch our little one really needed a nap.   So while he had a nap our teenager and my husband spent some time in the pool and hot tub.

Since the weather was still nice we then went to an amusement area called Fun Spot.   It has rides, roller coasters, arcade, four go cart tracks,  and food available.

I know that Florida is due to get hit with a hurricane in a couple days,  but I was still shocked at how few people were there. 

We all had a great time of the rides.  We all probably enjoyed the go carts the most.  Though watching my husband go down the slide with our youngest was pretty entertaining for me. 

Once we left it was getting late, but we were all hungry.   We decided to try a nearby Brazilian buffet.  We had never tried Brazilian food before and I am glad that we did.   It was very good. The name of the restaurant was Camila’s.   We were very much in the minority there since we are not Brazilian.  That didn’t bother us at all though.   Everyone was nice and the food was awesome!

Disney World parks are fun and we have been to them many times.   Universal parks are great as well.   However there are many fun things to do in Orlando,  even on a budget. -Snack Lady

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