Hoping For Irma To Go Easy On Us. 

We cut our vacation short to come back early and finish preparing for Hurricane Irma.   We did not anticipate that we would be in a mandatory evacuation area since we are zone B, we were wrong.   We are now staying at my parents house since they live further north and inland from us. 

The boys are treating this just like normal fun time with grandma and grandpa (just without pool time).   I am glad that they are not panicked, though they do understand why we are here.  They know the plan for what room we go to when the hurricane passes over and if tornadoes form. So they are prepared.

Zeus, our cat spent the first 6hrs here hiding.   Then last night refused to allow me to sleep past 3am. Luckily today he seems to have decided that he can wander around freely and relaxed. 

I am worried, like many people, what our house will look like after Hurricane Irma passes.  However I just have to accept that I have no control over it and we are insured. -Snack Lady

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