Hot House, Icy Shower 

Well I think that I have just proven to myself that I might not be very smart-lol. We have no power(so no a/c).  While we have all been slowly fermenting in our sweat, I have been dreading the cold shower.  

I, of course, assume that there is no point in even turning on the hot water since we have used all the hot water and have no power for the water heater to produce more. 

So I suffer through my icy shower.  You might think that a really cold shower when you are overheated would feel great…it doesn’t.

So as I am shivering and the flesh wounds I have caused by shaving in really cold water bleed out,  I have a thought.   Hmm, our water heater is in a garage that while dark and made of concrete is still at least in the mid 80’s.  So I do the unthinkable and turn off the cold water and turn on the hot.  A wonderful shower of room temperature water flowed after only a few seconds.  The moral-don’t assume 😉 -Snack Lady

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