Crab Shack Or Shark Bites?…

Last night my husband and I went to a restaurant in Port Richey,  Florida.  I think it is now called Shark Bites and used to be called The Crab Shack.  The sign, tables,  and menu all said Crab Shack.   However the band kept referring to the place as Shark Bites and the posters on the wall said Shark bites. 

I had the fish tacos because I love tacos and my husband got the alligator.  

I had never had alligator, so I tried his.   It did not taste bad,  but it had a kind of slimy, fatty texture that I found pretty gross.  It’s not for me,  but I do think that it is good to try new things.

I wasn’t really a big fan of the fish tacos or our fried mozzarella cheese appetizer either though.  My husband didn’t mind,  more food for him lol. -Snack Lady

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